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At Stuff Sanity, we believe that people deserve to get the best deals on the stuff they want. We find items that we think you'll like and put them on our unique Dutch auction market.

The Dutch auction market ensures you get the best deals. Unlike typical auctions, prices drop over the course of 15 days. If you can't buy something now, keep an eye on it: the price drops until it sells or is right for you!

We're Here to Get You the Best Deals

Matthew Thompson

Founder & CEO

Tristan Wagar

Founder & COO

We knew that people had a problem finding the best deals on the stuff they want - so we decided to do something about it. We created Stuff Sanity to get people the best deals on the stuff they want, or never knew they did. But to us, it's about more than just deals: it's about community.

When you use Stuff Sanity, you promote the sustainable consumption of used resources. Instead of unsustainably buying new stuff, you help all of our communities reuse great things that have been previously owned and loved.

Our team is ready to change the way you get the best deals on the stuff you want. We are programmers, entrepreneurs, but most of all, we are believers in the idea that people should have a better way to sustainably get the best deals. If you share that vision, contact us: we would love to talk with you about how to make that vision a reality.